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Asilah International Cultural Festival

Festival Cultural Internacional de Assilah
Festival Cultural Internacional de Assilah

Asilah is a town which, to the interior of its walls, transforms into one large museum, one that evolves through artistic expression while reclaiming its heritage and rethinking the idea of public space. The town transforms its medina into a changing and interactive space for social encounters and cultural exchange.
This was the dream, since realized, of the journalist Mohamed Benaisa and the artist Mohamed Melehi, a dream which fits seamlessly within the context of the town, alongside the omnipresent sea, the houses limewashed white, and the ancient ramparts. This dream is a key part of what gives Asilah its identity today.
Every year, the Festival brings together artists from all over the world in order to rethink the public spaces of the town, transforming the walls of buildings into ephemeral works of art which last until the next festival. As such, the festival is an occasion to exchange experiences and knowledge over the course of a multidisciplinary encounter open to constant interaction with the public.
Between the activities, participants can also find conferences with themes of different kinds, including dialogue between nations, cinema as a tool for building identity, and sustainable development. Parallel to the conferences, there are writing, painting, and engraving workshops, poetry recitals, and the ceremonies for literary prizes such as that of Bouland Al Haidari, awarded to young Arab poets, or Tchicaya Utam'si, to Arfican poets, as well as concerts of music from all the countries of the world.



From 2017-7-12 To 2017-7-28



GEOREFERENCING: 35.781502, -5.880625

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GEOREFERENCING: 35.781502, -5.880625

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