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Discover all the paths that lead one to find out about the nature and biodiversity of the region of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima. Hikers never fail to be impressed by the great variety of landscapes and wide network of footpaths. Discover a variety of areas with easy access for all kinds of nature lovers.
The hiking trails range from semi-urban environments like the Parc Perdicaris to the less-frequented National Parks, where you can always find facilities for hikers in the nearest village.
Getting in touch with a mountain guide will help you when employing the services of mountain drivers, hiring mules and booking accommodation.
The time of year must be taken into account when choosing your route; between April and November is generally best. Also, you must decide whether to be completely independent or to go on a trip that has been organised for you.
Away from the urban footpaths, the region's best known trails go through the surroundings of Chefchaouen, passing by the Pont de Dieu or the waterfalls of Achkour, the trails near Oued Laou with magnificent views of the sea, and those that border Jbel Moussa, the mountain that dominates the strait.

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The National Park of Al Hoceima offers one of the most rewarding environments for going hiking, with its mountain routes from where one can survey the Mediterranean Sea.

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