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The Beaches of Larache

Playas de Larache
Playas de Larache
Playas de Larache

Larache is not only made up of Lixus and the medina, Larache also has its beaches. From Asilah, to the north, to Moulay Bousselham, to the south, Larache's beaches are remarkable for their unspoilt state and their continuous waves, ideal for true nature lovers and surfers.
Near the town, behind the port, on the Oued Loukos plain, there is a small beach bordered with reefs, protected from the waves. Not far away, the Loukos beach is warmer and suitable for families, as well as for fans of surfing when the west winds arrive.
To the north, stretching for several miles from the quay of the port to the Pointe Noire, is the beach of Larache, also known as Ras Rmel or Peligrosa, a beach of white sand which has been awarded a blue flag since 2014.
Further north again, the rocky coast makes access difficult, and only with perseverance can one reach the unspoilt, wild beaches like Sidi Bousibak, Redda and El Kindrah, where Mediterranean forests of oak and holm oak fringe the sand dunes.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.20842, -6.148922


Take advantage of the occasion and opt for a visit to Larache's two castles: Stork's Castle and that of the ruined Kelibach, next to the sea.

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