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Any fan of climbing will feel vertigo faced with the high mountains, cliffs and rock faces of the region of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima.
The area is mountainous from coast to coast, and extends inland. The particular formation of the summits and the type of rocks from which they are formed, make these unique and natural ones to climb. The mountains of Morocco, including those in the north, are among the most sought-after by world-class mountaineers.
Throughout the region, there are numerous spots where one can practise the sport of climbing in all its forms. Some National Parks, like those at Talassemtane and Al Hoceima are internationally famous.
It's always a good idea to rely on local guides and also warn local authorities in the area in which you are going to go climbing. Surrounding villages generally offer services to climbers. There are several regional climbing clubs, shops and specialists available.
Only at Caiat, at Chefchaouen, are there more than a hundred ways to climb its unexplored rock faces, under the watchful eyes of the area's apes.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.230907, -5.175152


Climbing is an physical mountain sport for which special physical training is required. If you are not an expert, get advice from professionals in the area and don't take unnecessary risks.

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