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The Medina of Tangier

Medina de Tánger

The best way of discovering Tangier is by visiting its medina; a distillation of the essential ingredients that make up the history of this mythical and cosmopolitan city.
A good point of departure is the Place du 9 Avril 1947, also known as the Souk Barra (the Grand Socco) which refers to its large covered market, well-known for its stalls selling local produce. Around this square, which forms a link between the old and new towns, are the Cinémathéque de Tanger (formerly the Rif cinema), the Anglican St Andrew's church, Sidi Bouabid mosque and the Mendoubia.
From there, we can go through the Fez gate into the old town. From here one can take several routes. To our right is a traditional Moroccan market where the spice and condiment stalls are by far the most popular. By following this maze of a route, we reach the Petit Socco, known for its cafés, where mythical figures from the history of Tangier would spend time. Further on, we find ourselves at the imposing Jewish cemetery near the Bab Mirican (American). This gate leads you to the quarter of Beni Idder which, with Jnan Kabtan, Oued Ahardan, Dar Baroud and the kasbah, form an unusual medina breaking with traditional Arab architecture, thanks to its balconies and window sills.
Among places to visit are the Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures, the American Legation, the Nahon synagogue, the tomb of Ibn Battouta, and the cafés of the Petit Socco.

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Let yourself go. When you are in the Petit Socco, don’t miss the opportunity of sipping a mint tea in one of its cafés while soaking in the atmosphere, energy and vitality of this neighbourhood.

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