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Discovering the north of Morocco is an adventure that never ends. The inhabitants, landscapes, medinas, beaches, mountains, forests and local cuisine come together to create experiences of a lifetime. These shared moments will create strong links and a sense of personal connection with the spaces you visit.
The region, with coasts on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, as well as the majestic mountains of the Rif, offers countless beaches of white sand, cliffsides, and national parks such as Al Hoceima and Talassemtane. The region includes ideal locations for engaging in water sports such as kitesurfing, as well as for mountain sports such as rock climbing and hiking. Additionally, the region's campsites allow you enjoy these activities in a relaxed and calm atmosphere.
Discovering the local culture also takes place while visiting museums, getting to know artisans, sharing a table in a cafe, or savouring a good tajine under the last light of day.
A variety of leisure activities and numerous festivals will cater to a broad range of tastes, perhaps reaching their peak in the very lively nightlife of Tangier, Mdiq, and Al Hoceima.



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