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Artisanship in Chaouen

Artesanía en Chaouen
Artesanía en Chaouen

Chaouen is one of the best known centers of artisanship in Morocco, and this is one of the main economic activities of the the town.
As a producer of select handcrafted goods, some of which are found nationwide and others only locally, Chaouen is an undisputed attraction for all craft enthusiasts.
The best way to approach artisanship in Chaouen is to stroll through the narrow streets of its medina, giving yourself the opportunity to enter the bazaars and the artisans' workshops and to find pieces of rare beauty.
Chaouen can also lay claim to a renowned Center for Artisanship, a veritable museum of craftsmanship which guides the visitor through all the phases of production of various goods in the region of Chaouen and the Jebala Ghomara.
The artisanry of Chaouen is distinguishable through its distinctive forms of weaves and weaving processes, products of leather and wool, cork, ceramics, ironmongery, and handpainted wood.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.168652, -5.264033


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