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Tourism for the elderly

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For visitors of 65 years of age and over, experiencing the region is easily and comfortably done. You will find the offerings of the north of Morocco to be highly flexible and adaptable to the needs of different visitors.
The sunlight, an unyielding force in this part of the world, invites you to have a coffee or mint tea. Savour the region's succulent and filling cuisine before finishing off with the kingly dessert that is the local pastry. Promenade through the historic souqs, kasbahs, and medinas, visiting their monuments or shopping in their bazaars. Or discover the easy hiking trails which permit simple access to scented forests, fields of wheat, and the many beautiful scenes on offer in the region.
The seaside towns, peaceful and accommodating, allow visitors to enjoy all the colours of the coast in an atmosphere of relaxation. The region's hammams and spas provide a range of offerings in the context of health and wellness. Numerous hotels in the region offer these services on-site.
Visitors in this age group will also be able to practice leisure sports such as golf in various coastal towns of the region: Asilah, Mdiq, and Larache all offer excellent services and facilities that reach the height of customer expectations. The Royal Country Club of Tangier, boasting more than 100 years of history, is the first golf club in the Mediterranean and one of the first in Africa.



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