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The Medina of Larache

Medina de Larache
Medina de Larache

From the very start, Larache's medina is a surprise, owing to its unusual triangular shape, going from the Stork's Castle, up to the Kelibach Castle and from there to the port.
You can access the medina via either the Bab El Khemis (Thursday Gate) or the hispano-moresque Bab Barra gateway. The Bab El Khemis takes you to the Petit Socco (small market) or Kassariat, a much-frequented market at the foot of the eighteenth-century Great Mosque. From there, are two ways of discovering the streets of the old town, either by ascending a path that leads to the Place Al Makhzen or by descending, down to the fishing port.
Next to the Petit Socco is the quarter of Kelibat which leads you to the castle of the same name, passing its medersa (Koranic school) in an old eighteenth-century fondouk. Going north, passing through the fifteenth-century gate of the kasbah, you approach the Place Anwar, named after the fifteenth-century mosque that is still there, and from there you pass by the marabout of Abdelkrim Bakouri, concluding the northern tour at the Place Al Makhzen.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.197498, -6.151


When you visit Larache, you must also explore the archeological site of Lixus (the original name of the town of Larache).

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