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Mezquita Ouazzane
Saint Andrews - Tanger
Monumentos - Larache
Feddan - Tetouan

A walk through the streets of Tangier is the perfect opportunity to discover a long list of buildings and monuments that reflect the multicultural aspect of the region: sumptuous palaces like the one in the kasbah, as well as the Palais Moulay Hafid and the Mendoubia; places of worship include St Andrew's church, the Nahon synagogue and the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, not forgetting natural and mythical monuments like the Grottes d'Hercule and the Phoenician tombs in the Marshan district.
In other towns there are huge squares, like El Feddan Square at Tetouan, and places of worship include mosques like the El Jadida, and also the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Victoria, both in Tetouan, while further on, in Chefchaouen, is that town's Great Mosque and the kasbah. Asilah has its Church of San Bartholome, and the Church of Santa Maria is at Larache.
There are also mausoleums in the region including that of Amram ben Diwan at Ouezzane, which is visited by a large number of pilgrims, and the tomb of the great traveller, Ibn Batouta, at Tangier. There is also Raisouli's palace at Asilah, the palace of Sultan Youssef Abdelhak El Mrini, the Stork's Castle and the Kebibat fort at Larache.
Don't forget the kasbahs, medinas, walls, urban developments and other iconic twentieth-century buildings, in addition to the historic ruins of Lixus and Mzora that complete the abundant monumental offerings of the region.

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Let yourself go and wander aimlessly through the alleys of the medinas and kasbahs. Try to immerse yourself in a culture that is thousands of years old, and benefit from this unique environment.

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