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Artesanía en Chaouen
Ocio Nocturno - Tánger
Artesanía en Chaouen
Centro de la Artesania Tradicional de Chaouen

Discovering the region of Tangier-Tetouan-Alhoceima is even more surprising when done through its wide leisure offerings.
Savouring the area's gastronomy is a true delight which may be done at the plethora of restaurants across Tangier, Tetouan, and Alhoceima. The region enjoys a varied cuisine with international influences that will take your palate on a culinary journey.
Another possibility in cities such as Tangier is to go on a tour of tapas offerings, an experience that can be nicely complemented by endless choices in terms of pastry-shops and cafés.
To spend the day shopping is a constant temptation. Bazaars, the stalls of artisans, and concept stores will woo the visitor at every streetcorner in the medinas. In the big cities, the busy streets have shopping centers that offer modernity, wide scope, and a more sleek aesthetic.
The nightlife options vary from place to place. In Alhoceima, Tangier, and the seafront at Mdiq, the restaurants and discotheques invite visitors to continue their day after sunset. The icing on the cake for visitors to Tangier is a renowned casino.
The region also hosts numerous festivals, of various genres, that put the region's ability to cater to all tastes beyond any reasonable doubt.



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