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Chaouen Center for Traditional Artisanship

Centro de la Artesania Tradicional de Chaouen

Chaouen distinguishes itself by virtue of the wide range of handcraft products that are traditionally made in its territory. Artisanal capital of the Jebala Ghomara region, Chaouen has always derived one of its main sources of income from handicraft.
It is no coincidence that the Center for Traditional Artisanship is located in this town, given its abundance of craftsmen and raw materials and also the desire of the local authorities to preserve the standards and know-how of its artisans.
The center is a real living museum where you can follow the traditional manufacturing process of local artisans in situ. The institution also serves as a meeting space, exhibition center, and training center, with 17 workshops and numerous exhibition spaces for artists.
The artisanal specialities that can be found there are inspired by the Amazigh and Andalusian roots particular to the city. Weaving and handicraft workshops employ, de rigueur, well-known stripe designs and pure colours. The carpets are typically northern and their motifs are inspired by Amazigh tribal features. The woodworking is exquisite and delicate in the Andalusian way, known for its polychrome finish, and it is important to also mention the leatherwork and woolwork.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.169575, -5.263164


In the alleyways of Chaouen you will find artisans with skilled hands who transform fabric, wood, and leather into genuine works of art. Do not hesitate to approach them and admire their work.

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