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Nightlife at Tangier

Ocio Nocturno - Tánger
Ocio Nocturno - Tánger

Mythic Tangier is also known for its nightlife. The city deserves a visit if only to find out what entertainment it has to offer.
From the Corniche, its seafront promenade full of restaurants and night spots, to the kasbah and even the Old Mountain – Tangier is one of those cities that never sleeps.
Almost anything is possible in a Tangier night: one can play parchi (similar to ludo) until three in the morning while sipping a delicious mint tea or dance until dawn in a disco or nightclub. It has been a city with a particular fondness for jazz and the fusion of different musical styles since the early years of the last century and it's easy to find live music venues with a welcoming atmosphere. In honour of the cosmopolitan nature of the city, dishes from many countries are available in the restaurants.
In addition, throughout the year, one can be entertained by all kinds of festivals (Andalusian music, jazz, 'nuits sonores', dance festivals, theatre festivals etc . . .)

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For those that love gaming there is the Casino of Tangier, which has the best atmosphere and is the most frequented in Morocco.

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