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MTB (Mountain Bike)
MTB (Mountain Bike)

The scenery, natural landscapes and biodiversity of the Tangier-Tetouan-AlHoceima region will offer nature-lovers a wealth of opportunities to appreciate the wonder of the natural world.
The region lays claim to a coastline with facades on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, as well as a mountain chain—the Rif. The region is a dream come true for observing both marine and terrestrial fauna, especially as the area is a major migration route for migrating birds. Hundreds of kilometers of beaches are still in a wild, pristine state, along with waterfalls and cliffsides not far from snow-capped peaks and canyons, even. All this makes for an ideal destination for practicing mountain sports like trekking and climbing, or water sports like surf or scuba-diving, as well as for bird-watching and the sighting of dolphins and other ocean mammals.
Another option for nature tourists is the Alhoceima Natural Park, a hotspot for peregrine falcons and one of the few places where populations of the African Fish Eagle live on.
Moving toward the interior, several kilometers from Chefchaouen, visitors can discover the nature reserve of Talassemtane, a true natural paradise of the region. It's here that one can find the waterfalls of Akchour and the iconic "God's Bridge" rock formation, sites of great visual appeal that dependably draw many nature-lovers to the area.



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