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Wool at Ouezzane

La Lana de Ouazzane
La Lana de Ouazzane

Ouezzane is known for the excellent wool that is worked in its vicinity; it has become a reference centre in the region for this type of craftsmanship.
The high quality of the wool is matched only by the excellence and dexterity of its artisans. Demand is such that the business of woollen products, both fabricated and woven, has become one of the main economic activities of the town.
To find these products, go to the Kassariat, the covered market that serves as a shopping bazaar, where artisans display their finished items for sale. There you can find the fine and coarse woollen cloth that Ouezzane is so famous for.
One of its star products is the 'Djellabah Ouazzania', a typical Moroccan item of clothing, worn by men and women, made of the best wool by the finest craftsmen. Ouezzane rugs are also very highly-regarded at an international level and there is much demand for them from abroad. More than 700 local artisans work on just these two activities.

GEOREFERENCING: 34.81023, -5.569645


Pottery and wooden furniture feature among other locally-produced handicrafts that you are advised to buy in and around Ouezzane.

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