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The Achkour Waterfalls

Las Cascadas de Akchour
Las Cascadas de Akchour

The waterfalls of Achkour, one of the greatest natural spectacles in Morocco, are in Talassemtane National Park, 20 miles from the blue town of Chefchaouen.
The waterfalls and their environment were declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2016, and offer an unforgettable and beautiful, sensory experience.
The path that leads to the waterfalls is recommended; it's well sign-posted and easily accessible for all the family. The first part of it also gives access to another important accident of nature, the Pont de Dieu. On reaching the fork of the paths to the waterfall and the bridge, take the route towards the former by following the bed of the El Kelaa river. In spite of the slight slope of the land, one can already see the first falls and wooden bridges. All along the track one notices frail cane and wooden structures and ornaments that, together with benches and other items, add to idea of it being a magical place. The more complicated the route becomes, the more beautiful it is. The waterfalls become larger and larger until one reaches the grand cascade of Achkour, a breathtaking place where the water seems to have patiently sculpted whimsical forms out of the limestone.

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The Bridge of God, together with the Achkour Waterfalls, are two natural attractions that are absolutely to be recommended, and exceed the expectations of those that visit them.

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