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Parc Perdicaris

Parque Perdicaris
Parque Perdicaris
Parque Perdicaris

On the road from Tangier to the lighthouse at Cap Spartel, in the middle of the forest of Rmilat, is the Parc Perdicaris, which covers 165 acres of woodland. These lands were once owned by Ion Perdicaris, a wealthy American consul of Greek origin, who named it Idonia.
You can take a beautiful walk here. At the start of the twentieth century, Perdicaris introduced various new species to ease his wife's fragile health. There are several types of eucalyptus that co-exist alongside native trees including the local pine, walnut trees, acacias, palms and Portuguese laurels, and ferns and oaks from the Rif; together, they form a really exceptional botanical garden. The flora and fauna and the landscape make it one of the richest sites for nature lovers.
Morocco took possession of this forest in the twentieth century, and it's now maintained and laid out with marked paths, for the inhabitants of Tangier and visitors to the city.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.791286, -5.85547


After visiting the Parc Perdicaris, we strongly recommend that you visit the Grottes d'Hercule, a site with strong mythological associations.

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