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The National Parks

Parques Nacionales
Parques Nacionales
Parques Nacionales
Parques Nacionales

The region's biodiversity and landscape are well-known for their wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as the continual changes of terrain that give it its beauty.
The two National Parks of the region of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima are: Talassemtane National Park which stretches along the western-central range of the Rif mountains, near the town Chefchaouen. One of the park's best-known features are the Bridge of God and the Waterfalls of Achkour. The most daring can plan an excursion to the summit of Jbel Lakraa (8,200ft) as well as a journey through the largest pine forest in the region.
Al Hoceima National Park, in the region of the Bokkoya tribe, east of the city of Al Hoceima, stretches for 120 square miles over land and sea. With cliffs of over 2,300 feet, there is an enviable biological diversity, including Mediterranean vegetation and the largest population of ospreys in the world. The park is also ready to take ecotourists.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.141754, -5.086384


Don't forget to visit the town of Chefchaouen, where you cannot fail to be surprised by the narrow streets filled with local handicrafts from the medina.

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