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Rural Tourism / Ecotourism

Turismo Rural / Ecoturismo
Turismo Rural / Ecoturismo

Rural tourism or ecotourism is one of the attractions of the north of Morocco; discover the nature of the region through its landscapes, national parks and seas with physical activities like hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing and diving or simply taking pleasure in relaxing in a beautiful landscape with waterfalls and wild surroundings.
One can choose from camping to rural houses and there is a wide variety of other places to stay for lovers of rural beauty searching for less conventional shelter; from traditional accommodation to a more alternative solution.
Another great idea, centred around towns like Ouezzane and Chefchaouen, is to have a more personalised visit by staying with local people, using accommodation networks - it's a good way of getting to know their way of life and the customs of the region.

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One of the most authentic options is to stay at Chefchaouen in one of the numerous town houses that have been set aside for the use of visitors to the town.

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