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Mountain biking

MTB (Mountain Bike)
MTB (Mountain Bike)
MTB (Mountain Bike)

Cycling along the roads and trails of the northern region never cease to surprise. Crossing the Rif mountains by bike can be a great adventure, during which you will get to know and discover amazing scenery and breath-taking trails. In the north, routes can take you from the summit of a mountain to sea level, across national parks, plateaus and deep valleys, magnificent gorges, even oueds (rivers) and forests.
The ever-changing colours – the result of the biodiversity and marvellous light of the region – and the sheer grandeur of the landscape, make one dream of other things while putting oneself to the test on the steep slopes. An added incentive is the opportunity to become acquainted with the culture and inhabitants of the region. Unassuming and hospitable, they are always nearby, giving genuine smiles.
A recommended route is Jbel Moussa or 'La Mujer Muerta' (the dead woman) as it is popularly referred to in Ceuta, the nearby Spanish enclave. This is one of the Pillars of Hercules and imposes itself on the panorama of the Strait of Gibraltar, between Tangier and Ceuta.
The best-known trails are at Talassemtane National Park near Chefchaouen. In this place of great beauty, there are dozens of possiblilities to ride your mountain bike.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.166447, -5.102361


After days of pedalling, it is definitely recommended to recover beside the sea.

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