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The Corniche (the Promenade of Tangier)

Corniche (Paseo Marítimo de Tánger)
Corniche (Paseo Marítimo de Tánger)

A landscape of great beauty between two seas and two continents, and the perfect promenade for an ancient and magical city. The 'corniche', or promenade, stretches from the cove of Merkala, next to the Old Mountain, to Cap Malabata, where the Bay of Tangier ends and the Mediterranean Sea begins with its mixture of forests and cliffs and beaches of fine sand.
To skirt around the ramparts of the old town, founded by Phoenicians in 1450 BC, is an unforgettable experience, and then, suddenly, one comes to the new leisure port.
The most representative section begins with the nineteenth-century promenade, presided over by the Reichausen building, and ends at the Villa Harris.
A walk of more than three miles of world renown, known as much for its international history as for its beautiful landscapes, cosmopolitan atmosphere, different cultures, generous spaces and night life, now moving forward into the future with new open spaces, new designs, the new leisure port with its marina and new challenges to be enjoyed and shared by its visitors.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.77951, -5.802776


The Corniche is the ideal place to savour the cuisine in the many restaurants along its length of more than three miles.

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