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Beach of Mdiq

Playa de M'diq
Playa de M'diq
Playa de M'diq
Playa de M'diq

Mdiq, along with its surroundings, is known for its beautiful, white beaches. It has all the facilities needed to enjoy the many possiblities that this coast has to offer.
In this part of the region, there are numerous beaches where you can relax for a few days, including the beach at Tamuda Bay, known for its amenities and luxury resorts, and above all, distinguished by its beach of fine sand, calm sea, temperate climate and suitability for water sports. Rincon beach is known for its long corniche beside the lagoon at Smir, where migratory water fowl shelter on its beach of white sand.
At Kabila-Sania, situated at the mouth of the Oued Smir, is a beach of white sand, surrounded by luxury developments.
Finally, one must not forget Marina Smir, one of the best and most impeccable beaches in the region, which has a leisure port that serves as a base for all kinds of water sports.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.691586, -5.325694


A good suggestion would be to spend a day combining a morning of sun and sand with an afternoon excursion discovering the culture and local craftsmanship of the region. Don't forget to visit the medinas of Tetouan and Chefchaouen.

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