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The Port of Tangier

Puerto de Tánger
Puerto de Tánger
Puerto de Tánger

Tangier's port is becoming a strategic enclave, as much for lovers of boating as for cruise ships. The port's proximity to the medina allows visitors to get closer to discovering a new culture by losing themselves in its alleyways, wandering through its souks and bazaars, or just by enjoying a coffee or tea on the terraces of its cafés.
With regard to leisure pursuits, the new port of Tangier offers a modern infrastructure for all types of boats, as well as providing all the facilities that they might need. There will be over 1,400 berths accommodating all sorts of craft, from large yachts to small pleasure boats, with facilities that will turn the sports port of Tangier into the first urban marina in Morocco.

GEOREFERENCING: 35.78928, -5.803806


The Marina of Tangier has been created with the aim of becoming one of the most important leisure areas in the city, where one can enjoy a stroll in the marine ambience of the Port of Tangier.

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