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Health and well-being tourism

Health and well-being tourism

Morocco is well-known for its traditional techniques of personal care, in which skilled know-how brings together therapies that are an effective combination of water, massages, and natural products.
Today, the popular hammams have been able to merge with modern spas without losing an ounce of their character. The two models coexist in harmony, and it is easy to find the communal hammam experience within a modern spa.
What hasn't changed are the Moroccan products typically used for wellbeing and personal care, such as the Rhassoul clay, Argan oil, natural body scrubs, and rose hip oil.
Many of the hotels in the region offer their clients personalized health and wellbeing services. The resorts of Tangier and Tamuda Bay additionally offer beauty treatments, as well as preventive and curative treatments under medical supervision, including thalassotherapy, pressotherapy, water jets, acupuncture, relaxation and rehabilitation. The region also has its own spa water baths, some of which are known for their waters rich in sulfur.



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