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Gastronomía en Larache

The local gastronomy comes from a fusion of tastes from different cultures: Berber, Andalus, and Arab.
From the Mediterranean, Morocco has inherited a taste for spices, giving the food a balanced flavor which has earned the country the ranking of second best culinary destination in the world.
The quality of its locally sourced ingredients immediately capture the attention of visitors. Red and white meats from naturally raised livestock, seafood of unbeatable freshness, locally caught blue and white fish, and regional fruits, vegetables, and grain—these ingredients make the local cuisine a genuine delight for the palate.
The most famous local dishes include couscous, made with wheat semolina, vegetables, dried fruit and meats. Tagine, another local specialty, is the name given to a series of different dishes made of red meat, chicken, or fish and various vegetables, whose the common denominator is the clay container with a conical lid in which they are cooked.
Seasonal ingredients always figure prominently in the local cuisine, which has managed to create successful fusions with modern cuisine without losing touch with its roots.
One cannot simply discuss cuisine without mentioning the exquisite and delicate nature of traditional Moroccan sweets and pastries, undoubtedly some of the most celebrated in the world.



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