Regional Council of Tourism Tangier Tetouan Al Hoceima

Practical Information

To facilitate the visit of the Region it is preferable to refer to the information provided in this manual. It contains all the needed informations on the climate, transportation, everyday life, places of worship…

GMT (summertime from 1/04 to 31/10: +1 hour).
During the Ramadan we come back to the GMT official time.

The weather of the region is directly influenced by the Mediterranean climate. Temperatures remain mild in winter, mild summer on both, coasts and high altitude. They rarely fall below 0°C in January in heights, and the most frequent maxima of this month fluctuate between 14°C and 18°C.
In summer, the weather is warming significantly, the most common maximum temperatures in July vary between 16°C and 26°C. peaks of 32°C to 38°C have been recorded a few days a year, but their frequency remains exceptional.

Weather forecast:
Tel: 05 22 90 24 22

When necessary tourists can get an entry visa from the Embassy or Consulate of Morocco in their countries of residence.

In Tangier, Tetouan and Al Hoceima, several languages including Spanish, French and English are largely spoken.
Arabic and Amazigh are the national languages.

Public transport


Tangier, Tetouan and Al Hoceima have their own airport respectively.
The Ibn Battuta airport in Tangier is the largest and is connected directly with several European capitals (Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Madrid, …)
Domestic flights links it to Agadir, Rabat, Fez, Ouarzazate, and Marrakesh via Casablanca, and also to Al Hoceima.

Airport Ibn Batouta of Tangier
Tél.: 05 39 39 49 17 – Tél.: 05 39 39 34 82

Airport Saniat Rmel of Tetouan
Tél.: 05 39 97 18 76

Airport Al Charif Idrissi of Al Hoceima
Tél.: 05 39 98 25 60

Transfers airport / downtown
You can reach the city center by taxi.

Maritime Links between Tangier and Tarifa are scheduled regularly, every hour and weekly Between Tangier and Gibraltar.
The Port of Tangier Med is also connected to cities of Algeciras, livourne, Barcelona, Setes and Genova by regular connections.

Port of Tangier City
Tél.: 05 39 93 60 40

Port of Tangier Med
Tél.: 05 39 93 30 68

Port of Al Hoceima
Tél.: 05 39 98 33 74

Tangier train station

It is situated in the bay.
To check schedules and destinations ONCF has a practical operating website:

Call Center ONCF: 090203040


Several lines ensure the link between the main districts of these cities.
Click here to download the Tangier bus map in PDF format.


Small (Individual) taxis are available all day long.
The use of the meter is mandatory. Note that At night, a statutory increase of 50% is added to the price shown on the meter.

The major taxis (collective) also called white taxis provide intercity and long trips links in town.

Rental cars and Motorbikes

To visit the area by car, and better explore the back country freely, many rental agencies provide you with a wide choice of vehicles.
However, you are required to follow the terms of the agreement. Insurance contracts do not guarantee you if you leave the asphalt road to borrow a small track with passenger vehicles.

The currency in Morocco is the Dirham (Dh), divided into 100 cents. There are bank notes of 20, 50,100 and 200 DH, and metal coins of 0.5 DH, 5 DH, 1 DH, 2 DH, 5 DH and 10 DH.

The cashback credit card, checkbook or ATM is possible in all banks.
Credit cards can be used in major hotels, large retail outlets, restaurants and some shops.

Moroccan working official time in both public and private services is scheduled continuously from 8am to 16:30 pm.
The Same timing is retained for many private companies including banks.

There are mosques in major districts of the city.


Sidi Bouabid, Tangier Morocco
Tél.: 05 39 932 762

Shaar Raphael Synagogue

26 Bd Pasteur, Tangier Morocco

Ben Atar Synagogue

1 rue de la liberté, Tangier Morocco

Police: Tél.: 19
Fire department: Tél.: 15
Road safety: Tél.: 177
Phone services: Tél.: 160

Hospitals and emergencies in Tangier

Mohammed V hospital
Tél.: 05 39 93 42 42 / 05 39 93 24 44 / 05 39 93 10 73

Home health care
Tél.: 05 39 33 33 00

Quick rescue
Tél.: 05 39 95 40 40

Moroccan Red crescent:
Tél.: 05 39 35 20 20 (Tangier)


17 ºC

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