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Al Hoceima
Al Hoceima
Al Hoceima
Al Hoceima
Al Hoceima

The city of Al Hoceima, whose name derives from the Arabic word for lavender, is situated on the Mediterranean coast, between the mouths of the Nekkour and Rhis rivers. The city is surrounded by mountains and natural spaces of great beauty.
The landscapes of the region are its main attraction. The nature reserve of Tafensa and the national park of Al Hoceima to the east are the largest reserves for African fish eagles and peregrine falcons in the region. The coast alternates between beaches of white sand and imposing cliffs, with wooded areas that are ideal for hiking.
Sun-and-beach tourism is the area's main economic activity. Beaches like Cala Iris, Quemado, and Asfiha are very popular, frequented as much by domestic tourists as by tourists from other countries, such as France, Spain, and the countries of northern Europe. The resorts and facilities, which are growing in number, make Al Hoceima a destination of choice for tourists in search of relaxation and turquoise waters.
The gastronomy of the Al Hoceima area owes mainly to the quality of fish brought directly from the port of the city. During the summer, the Mediterranean Festival brings together music and culture in an atmosphere that is lively and youthful.

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