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Asilah is situated on the Atlantic coast, 46 kilometers south of Tangier. The town, surrounded by wild beaches, represents one of Morocco's seaside pearls.
The town is distinguished by its tranquility, and also by its cleanliness and luminosity, as well as by the constant presence of art and the sea. Indeed, even though Azilah has its origins as a fishing village, the town does not lack for cultural influence.
The town's Portuguese ramparts date from the 15th century. In an excellent state of conservation, these ramparts run along the water in places, guiding the paths of visitors and natives alike toward the sea.
Inside the town's walls, accessible via Bab Kasbah, AlKasbah Street takes us to the Square of Sidi Ali Hamdush. This square, like the rest of the city, is dominated by the imposing Menagem Tower, a Portuguese keep which is one of the symbols—along with the palace of Raisuni—of Asilah.
From there, Asilah takes the form of white and blue streets, decorated with murals where painters from different countries leave their mark once a year as part of the Cultural Festival of Asilah. This festival takes place in the Hassan II Center for International Meetings, one of the modern jewels of the town.
In the streets of Asilah, artisanship does not fail to make its presence felt, with bazaars and stalls displaying local products and some antiquities mingle with art galleries and a way of life where culture and tradition prevail.

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